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Poetry: My soliloquy of full life with full love

My soliloquy of full life in full love

My six strings detached ,
Now my music is broken.
My heartbeats stop to relax,
Now my rhythm is broken.
My breath is in tokens,
Now my life is being broken.

What is the essence?
I gather ,it is not until you are truly vulnerable yo death, that you are truly alive. So then love maketh death draweth nigh.
Full lfe in full love.I am alive .
More alive than the hunger of grass for morning dew,
More alive than the corners of the earth when round is its form,
More alive than a tearful bat on a fullmoon night,
More alive than my words have ever been.

I gather again ...
It is not until you are truly vulnerable to death that you're truly alive.
Am alive .
My soliloquy of full life in full love.

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My passion of becoming a model
Hi I'm new here and it has always been my dream to becoming a model right from my infant......I always wish to be like my eldest sister.....I'm grateful for this opportunity at least with this I can achieve my dream of becoming a model.....pls I want u guys to vote for me so my dream will be made possible.
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Hi guys
From the very first day I heard the meaning of model!Having being aiming to be one of them because I have all it takes to be a model. Help me and like my picture to win this contest.
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My dream to be a Model
Ever since i was 12, I've always wanted to model. I love taking pictures, Im very photogenic..Modeling is a passion of mine. I need exposure into the Fashion Industry. Please vote for me........
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Hi guys☺It's your Girl Hazel💓
Modelling has always been my passion☺ I live and breath it! I would really appreciate it if you can view my profile and help me win😘😘 Love you all💓
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Hi.......The name is Diana
Hi guys, I'm new here and I'd love it if you guys could show me some love and welcome me...... I have a feeling that I'd really love this
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yeah! we talking about modelling, its my life , my aspiration which makes me happy, my inspiration. would love to be a role model to others, want people to be like me and learn from me., am shy in nature anyways ..pls vote for me new here..pls
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Miss Yang
Hi guys I'm new here please vote for me...Love you All
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Pilipina girl
Hi I'm new here.. Hope u all support me. Love u all
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